Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beachy waves with Amika: ... ( + video) ...

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Couple weeks ago Marina and I were invited by Amika: Serbia to test two products that we like and after that to keep the one that we like more. During this period, i didn`t have a lot of time for that because of my cold, but last couple days i give my best to tested it in a right way. I was ironing&curling my hair all day long! ;) And at the end, my choice is Amika: 25mm tourmaline curler, because i needed this size so i can have a complete collection of stylers! ;)
Both products are super great, and it was only a matter of my personal style and what i wanna do often with the hair.
The testimonial of Amika styler you can read on Marina`s blog, so i will talk about the curler.
It is a clip free tourmaline barrel that easily creates silky and smooth curls. Depending on what style you wanna achieve, tight curls or loos beachy waves (as i did) you will use thick or thin clean sections of your hair and gently wrap around. Drop it down after a couple of seconds, give it a little shake and that`s pretty much it! Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat, it provides gentler and faster styling without damaging your hair. It comes with a glove (you want burn your fingers anymore ;)) in different sizes, colors and patterns so you can pick your favorite.
Lot`s of you have been asking me about hair tutorial, and here it is finally. Short video for those who are not sure how to do it. Hope you will like it!
For foreign readers you can find information Here.
For Serbian readers, Here is the link with all information for you. You can also get a 20% discount for Amika products Here , it`s really a worth of your money!

p.s. huge thanks to Marina for recording this video, our blogger girls which were with us that night, and also a huge thanks to Milena for giving us her atelier for filming it! I will post photos from that night soon, so you can see what we were doing beside styling our hairs! ;)

p.p.s. sorry if my hair looks a little bit greasy, it`s because of the wind and i didn`t have any cap that day!Give me your thoughts!

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