Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Featured in "Cosmopolitan" and "Stilbook" ...

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Hello lovely people!
I owe you a huge apology for not posting anything last couple days, but I had great plans for spending Christmas holiday at my grandparents house which were ruined by the cold I get. So instead of making some quality memories, I was laying all day long in the bed, while they were serving me. Well, when I read it again, it doesn`t look bad at all! ;) Just kidding! The cough was really strong, and I still have it, but it`s getting better and better.
Because of that, there are no new looks to share, but I still have some nice news! Two features, one of them is in the January issue of Cosmopolitan with other fellow bloggers, where we had a NY`s Eve as a theme and the other one is in the first issue of a brand new magazine Stylebook with Chiara and Biljana!

Beside style tips, I`m giving you a free tutorial in the Cosmopolitan, how to pee like man (smart arrow) in a sequin dress! ;)

p.s. thanks to a lovely girl from Twitter,  who gave me a link, I`m also sharing with you one more info, I was also featured on a Laurenconrad.com blog! Super great evening!

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