Sunday, June 16, 2013

Morellato campaign ...


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Well, say Hello to new Morellato face! :)
Big news which are almost surreal and I can't still get use to it! :)
This great project was my little secret last couple months, and I can finally share it with you!
Soon as I get the rest of the material, I will update the post and tell you the whole story and something more about the team (photographer, make up, clothes etc...).
Until then, you can take a peek on my Instagram profile (@vanjaam)! ;)

See ya!

Quick update:
Thanks to BPM company I got this opportunity to become promo face (in Serbia) for well known brand from Italy - Morellato. And I really feel honored for being a great part of this. As you may know, their worldwide summer campaign is made with gorgeous Irina Shayk, so Irina and I have finally something in common! ;) 
Huge thanks also goes to the whole team:
photographer: Marko Arsic
make up artist: Jovana Arsic
hair stylist: Hairlovers
nails: Svetlana Arsic
jewelry: Morellato
styling: glam version - blue dress thanks to INES atelier, white version - my clothes from Zara,
BPM team: Marina, Jelena, Sime
and my moral support: Maja

And at the end, the biggest thanks goes to you! Thank you for your unselfish support, lovely comments and emails, I read every single one! Really appreciate it!
Can't wait to hear your reactions for these new photos!

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