Saturday, December 8, 2012

Featured in "Sensa" ...

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Quick break for a featured in section!
In my last Instagram post, you could see a lot of photos from a various photoshoots and tonight, i can show you the final result! :)
I`m making a short pause from the BPM outfits, which will be continued soon, so you can check the photos and looks for the Sensa magazine.
For the first time i was photographed for the cover, and i gotta admit it was a really great honor for me! When i saw the magazine at the end of this week, my feelings were pretty much mixed up, it was more than strange but in a positive way!
Of course, i have my favorites but let me hear yours!? What do you think? :)

Now i need to say a huge thanks to all people who were part of this: Jasmina Stojanovic (editor in chief ), Sara Gak (stylist), Andreja Damnjanovic (photographer), Sava Ilic ( hairdresser), Sonja Vukosavljevic (make up artist), Branislav Tisma (art director) and Ivana Rabrenovic ( for giving us her gorgeous space `Studio Prostor` for the photoshoot). A lots of people for a one girl, ha? How great is that?! :)
Hope that you will enjoy!

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