Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week(s) through Instagram 8 ...

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It`s a right time for the new Instagram post!

1.collages - first three photos are from Saturday morning, when i had breakfast with Jelena at Belgrade Art Hotel; hat and gloves were my accessories during the day; look of the day with burgundy pants; new favorite lipstick -flormar 525.
2.beautiful sky in the morning
3.collages - Jelena`s outfit; my first look at the magazine cover; the rest photos are from Jelena Stefanovic store, where we had great evening, my blogger girls and I!
4.playing with the camera
5.collages - bruschetta by Milica; look of the day; hot chocolate with INES atelier`s designer; spiced potatoes for lunch; in love with chained Zara heels; lovely girls from my office bought me a plant as a b-day gift
6. new Zara boots
7.collages - cute Provasi cafe; my morning look; one of my favorite cakes Frutti di bosco; gorgeous Christmas tree at shopping mall; cute mug with plush heart; fruit salad tradition after my sis`s school.

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