Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Usce Shopping Center campaign and other news ...

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                                                                                  Jelena and I with our photographer Milos Nadazdin

If you are following me on the Instagram, you probably now how I spent my hectic summer, juggling between my daily job and shootings. Enough said.
And today, I'm  finally sharing with you how my vacation look liked without sand and sea. Not bad at all!:)
My partner in crime Jelena and I were invited to participate in big campaign for our biggest shopping mall Usce, and we are pretty much honored because of that.
Three important things happen:
1. We became one of the promo faces for Usce Shopping Center - we are seeing our faces everywhere :)
2. We shot our first commercial where I actually speak something and it sounds funny :)
3. We started to blog for this shopping mall and we really enjoy!
How great is that? Now, you can follow us there too for shopping and lifestyle updates!Click HERE!
Also we ended up on the billboards through the city and elevators and doors in this shopping mall! Strange but great feeling at the same time! :)

Huge thanks goes to the whole team who participated and for our magicians: Dusan Lazic (make up artist) and our best photographer Milos Nadazdin for making us pretty! ;)
And last, but not least of course, the biggest thank you to everyone who took the time to sent warm wishes, commented, tweeted or instagrammed our photos! 
Hope your really like it!

p.s. you can read more on Jelena's blog here!

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