Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week(s) through Instagram 11 ...

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 My last couple weeks  through the instagram looked like this:
1. collage - Fresh flowers; Cupcake book from dear Nina and Basta; floral bomber jacket thanks to Sheinside; Koffein -lovely coffee shop in Belgrade; details from my new work; one of my favorite buildings in Belgrade.
2nd and 3rd photo - one of the looks in September;
4. With my beloved Jelena Karakas at Ariel  Super woman event;
5.  Breakfast at Koffein with miss Jelena, the best chocolate croissant;
6.  Wearing INES atelier dress and earrings for Gloria red carpet party at hotel Metropol in Belgrade;
7. Sunday flowers;
8. Weekend travel essentials: Phone, Duracell usb charger and headsets 
9. collage - trying Isabel Marant coat; weekend treats; details from the outfit; working weekend with Jelena; total black look in September; relaxing day at home.
If  you wanna see more photos, check out my profile on the instagram http://instagram.com/vanjaam# or on the Pinterest board Here.
How do you spend your time? :)

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