Monday, March 18, 2013

Paris instagram guide: What to wear? ...

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                                                                                             ph. Jelena and me

Well, after this short pause, my impressions about Paris are still strong, and it will last probably 'till my next visit. With too many photos on my gadgets cards, I couldn't decide easily which one to upload first and what type of post to prepare. And I ended up with so called 'what to do' questions, where I will give you my vision of Paris.
The first post 'What to wear' was piece of cake to bake. We didn't have many choices because of the cold weather! So, if you are planing your trip during the winter I have only one advice: no one cares what are you wearing, as long as you feel warm and comfortable! ;)
At the beginning of our trip, we were pretty much enthusiastic with our clothes and outfits but on our first day (it was snowing when we arrived) we quickly changed our mind! Woolen scarf, two or three pairs of socks, coats, winter parkas etc. And we would stick to this mantra, but:
- this was our first time,
- first visit to the magnificent Paris,
- first big fashion week ever,
- we watched Carrie in Paris for several times, so we loosen up a little bit! By night we get involved with high heels, bare legs, full skirts for after parties and bars, and you need to give as a credit for that! ;)
Big advice: you can really wear whatever you want and like, but for better feeling, you gotta soak up some Parisian chic, cause their style comes naturally and you will beg to blend in. 
Preferred style:
- chic (cropped pants, bare legs, ballet flats, high heels, blazer and coats on shoulders, simple details, messy hair) or
- lady like ( full skirts, dresses, small bags, fitted clothes, perfect hair, cat eye sunglasses ... ). It depends on you!
Bottom line: enjoy!

p.s. all the photos are made with Samsung galaxy camera and Samsung galaxy note 2, filtered through the instagram and after that resized for the blog!

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